Cher Nose Job

Cher is truly one of a kind, a musical icon to say the least. But plastic surgery knows no boundaries under the lime light of the hollywood glitz and glam. And it now appears that Cher's art has become reality in the form of her smash hit "If i could turn back time".
Cher quickly realized that in fact time cannot be turned back, so she opted for the nose job instead. (Rhinoplasty)
Well Cher, you keep flexing those golden pipes and you won't hear us complaining.

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2 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the lips and face lift.

Anonymous said...

Her facelift lower and forehead. , lip implants, cheek implants, necklift, eyelids and eyebrows and her boobs. No matter how good pain killers are she certainly is not afraid of pain.