Did Elin Nordegren Get Breast Implants For Her 33rd Birthday? Bikini Pic Comparison

Elin Nordegren, AKA ex-miss Tiger Woods, and recipient of a $100 million dollar divorce settlement, was recently spotted gracing white sand beaches while celebrating her 33rd birthday in the beautiful Bahamas.

Maintaining a superbly fit figure wasn't the only thing that caught our attention while observing Ms. Nordegren. No, it also appears glaringly obvious that the blonde bombshell has paid a visit to her friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon, presumably to increase the size of her breast implants.
Elin was already believed to have opted for breast enhancement surgery, even before her marriage to Tiger Woods, however its now appears that Ms. Nordegren has added a few more CC's of saline or silicone to her implants.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, construction on her massive 21,000-square-foot oceanfront mansion is almost ready for occupancy. It just goes to show, there is life after Tiger...

Emily VanCamp Rejects Botox, Is Proud Of Her Grandma's Wrinkles

Emily VanCamp, star of the hit ABC drama series entitled 'Revenge', has made it perfectly clear how she plans on aging. Naturally!

And while the majority of Hollywood actresses are booking tickets to climb about the cosmetic bandwagon, Ms VanCamp has rejected the notion of plastic surgery, more specifically Botox injections, as a method for fighting fine-lines and wrinkles.

The 26 year-old actress recently told Women's Health magazine she one day hopes to have the 'happy wrinkles' of her grandmother.
I mean, to each his own, and I know there are those pressures. But I look at my grandmother and think, Wow, I hope I have those happy wrinkles. You see the map of her life on her face, and she's so beautiful. She wouldn't be my grandma without those beautiful lines.
Cheers to you Ms. VanCamp, for going above and beyond the show business status quo, and for sending a bold statement to you're peers and fans alike.

Rob Kardashian Gets Botox Injections At Age 25, Thanks To Sisters Advice

Rob Kardashian, 25 years old and the youngest of the K-Klan family of fame-lovers has taken a page out of his families cosmetic playbook and is not dabbling in botox injections. According to an insider at the National Enquirer, Sir Rob Kardashian began feeling self-conscious about his appearance while worried about his "face drooping".

The insider also claims that it was his big sister, Kim Kardashian who urged sibling Rob to "stop whining and put his money where his mouth is."

Its been almost a month since the National Enquirer first published the report, and still no feedback or denial from Rob, not even a tweet. However, he has been sending out some 'interesting' pics lately...
As you already know, plastic surgery is not uncommon among members of the Kardashian and Jenner family. In an episode of KUWTK, sister Kim was featured getting botox. Eldest sister Kourtney has admitted to breast implants, while Khloe has been rumored to have opted for a nose job.

Meanwhile, the Jenner side of the family is riddled with plastic surgery procedures. Bruce Jenner has undergone just about everything, and bag of potato chips. Mother and ringleader, Kris Jenner has also had her fair share of work done, including a nose job and a gruesome televised facelift.

Morgan Fairchild Facelift or Facial Fillers: Puffy Face

Morgan Fairchild has been turning heads and gracing the big and small screens since the late 1960's. Starring in over two dozen motion pictures and a slew of television programs including the like of Flamingo Road, and Falcon Crest.

Throughout the years Ms. Fairchild had be recognized as an age-defying beautiful of show business. Now at 62 years young, there is reason to believe that the flawless starlet is taking measures to preserve her looks.

Morgan Fairchild Facelift or Facial Fillers?

While the star has no clear signs of any invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, such as a full blown facelift, its quite evident that Ms. Fairchild is more than familiar with facial fillers

Morgan is sporting the signature signs of too many injections. An overly round and puffy facial appearance is the trademark results of too many fat/filler injections.
Morgan Fairchild remains a Hollywood beauty, but if she continues on this path of cosmetic 'enhancement', she'll most certainly join the ranks of celebrities with regrettable plastic surgery. Stop, Morgan! Before its too late!

Sharon Osbourne Is Done With Plastic Surgery: Reveals Double Mastectomy

Sharon Osbourne is done with cosmetic plastic surgery! Plus she has some choice words and a big revelation about herself.

Mrs. Osbourne recently told U.K.'s Hello! magazine that she has chosen to take a proactive stand against the possibility of breast cancer and opt for a double mastectomy. Sharon made this decision after finding out she has breast cancer gene that could eventually lead to the disease.

Sharon Osbourne Is Done With Plastic Surgery

As you may remember Osbourne battled colon cancer almost a decade ago. A battle which she courageously won, and is now taking preemptive measures to improve her chances of never crossing paths with the dreaded disease again.
As soon as I found out I had the breast cancer gene, I thought, 'The odds are not in my favor'. I've had cancer before and I didn't want to live under that cloud: I decided to just take everything off, and had a double mastectomy.
In the wake of this unwelcome event, it was also reveled that Sharon's breast implants had been leaking, causing the contents of the implant to drain into the wall of her stomach. Mrs. Osbourne has now officially sworn off any future cosmetic procedures. And she even had a few course words concerning her current appearance, which is presumed to include a few botox and filler injections.
Sometimes I'll see a photo and I'll think, 'My face looks plastic', it can look so unnatural from certain angles. Now I am definitely, definitely done. You can't buy your youth back, no matter how much money you've got I won't be going under the knife again.
Bless her heart. Here's hoping this message resonates with the masses of cosmetic surgery enthusiasts who will stop at noting to knock a few years off their mug. Godspeed, Sharon!

Mickey Rourke Shocking Post-Plastic Surgery Photos: Behind The Scenes Bandages

I don't think 'I'm telling tales out of school' when i say: Mickey Rourke has undergone an extensive amount of plastic surgery. And now, just when you thought you'd seen all the 'closeups' and 'before and after' snapshots, these shocking behind the scenes photos emerge.

Last week a plethora of startling photos were unearthed by The National Enquirer which showcases actor Mickey Rourke bruised and bandaged just hours after undergoing yet another round of cosmetic surgery.

At this point its unclear exactly which procedure(s) Rourke opted for this time around, but from the looks of the post-surgery photos we'd guess he opted for another facelift, perhaps a corrective procedure to mend his previously botched facelift. The bruising seen around his eyes would typically indicate an eyelid lift.

Mickey Rourke Shocking Post-Plastic Surgery Photos

Get a load of these candid snapshots of Mickey Rourke like you've never seen him before, and hopefully never will again. At least in these circumstances. Meanwhile it would appear that Mr. Mickey is rather enjoying his time in the recovery room, as he poses and puckers his revamped mug.

Watch out Joan Rivers and Jocelyn Wildenstein! If Mickey continues on this current path of plastic surgery supremacy, he'll quickly elevate himself to the top spot and claim the coveted crown of Hollywood's worst plastic surgery victim.

Simon Cowell's Puffy Face Sparks Twitter Reaction: Botox or Fillers?

The internet has officially exploded! On Monday night Jay Leno welcomed X-Factor judges Britney Spears and Simon Cowell to the Tonight Show. But it wasn't the actual interview that had the internet stirring.
No, it was the appearance of Britain's favorite megalomaniac, Simon Cowell, that caused hundreds of tweets to flood the twittersphere. Cowell has previously admitted to using botox injections as a casual means to ward of wrinkles, but judging from his doughy facial appearance on the Tonight Show on Monday, it would seem that Cowell is also dabbling in facial fillers.

Let's consider the options...

A: Simon opted for Juvederm, Restylane, or a similar type of facial filler treatment.

B: Mr. Cowell decided to get a last minute botox injection and didn't leave enough time for the swelling to go down before going on air.

C: Simon had some type of allergic reaction, either dietary or cosmetically related.

Checkout the screen grabs below to see what everyone is talking about! Or at least they will be tomorrow...

We'll leave you with a few tweets from the world of instant notoriety. Share your thoughts below!